San Francisco Riptide Lacrosse Club is a non profit youth lacrosse organization serving boys and girls ages 6-14 in the greater San Francisco area.

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General FAQs

What are the Expectations of the Players? 
It is expected that ALL players make the commitment of two practices a week and attend all of the 10-12 games a season. We ask that the players show up early before games and practices so that they are ready to go at the official start time. It is essential to team development as well as a common courtesy to the coaches and fellow teammates that every effort is made to make all games and practices. We often have to turn away players due to team size limits and the Riptide wants to accept those players that are willing to make the commitment to develop their skills and help their teams. We ask that the boys and girls make lacrosse their #1 sports priority during the Spring and that the only thing that should interfere with lacrosse is academics.  

When do I have to Register?
Registration usually opens October 1st for returning players for the upcoming spring season. If there are spots available on specific teams by October 21st, we open our registration to any new players to the organization. We will place players on the waitlist if team sizes hit our maximums. Please see our Registration FAQs below for additional information. 

When Does the Season Start?

Our first practices start in early February and our first games start the first week of March. Games are played at various times on either Saturday or Sunday and may involve travel to Marin, the East Bay, and the South Bay. The regular season usually ends at the beginning of May and can extend to the beginning of June for post season play. Please see our Registration FAQs for more specific information.

What is the Refund Policy?
Our refund policy pertaining to registration fees are as follows:
If a player drops from a team prior to the first practice, the registration fee less a $25 administrative fee will be refunded within 2 weeks of written notification.  If a player drops from a team for any reason within the first 2 weeks of practice (Feb. 1 – 14), the registration fee less $100 will be refunded within 2 weeks of written notification. If a player drops from a team for any reason after February 14th, no refund is provided.

Is Lacrosse a Contact Sport?
Boys lacrosse is a contact sport. Girls lacrosse is not a contact sport. Boys in U9 and U11 play with minimal physical contact. The focus is on developing their lacrosse skills. For ages U13 and older, physical contact is allowed and is taught by coaches appropriately.

What Equipment Is Required?
Required boys equipment includes: helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, stick, cup, and cleats (no metal spikes). Required girls equipment includes: goggles, stick, and cleats (no metal spikes). Please see our Lax Equipment tab for recommendations and places to purchase equipment.

Do you Accept Players Without Any Experience?
YES!  The goal of the San Francisco Riptide is to encourage development of the sport of lacrosse in the city. We accept players at all age levels who are new to the sport although space may be limited due to the size of specific teams. We place experienced players on advanced teams and new players on developmental / recreational teams.

Do I have to live in San Francisco in order to join the Riptide?
The Riptide believes that every child who wants to play lacrosse should have the opportunity to learn and play the game. However, we are often limited by the number of players we can have on a team and the field space that is available to us for practices and games.  We ask that one parent reside in San Francisco or the player attends school in the city. We do have a few players from South San Francisco and Pacifica. There are clubs in Marin and Burlingame that serve those communities. We believe it is in the best interest of the sport and families for players to participate with their local clubs.

Why do you have Player Assessments?
The Riptide sponsors multiple teams at most age levels. The opportunity to group players on teams by similar skill level and experience will enhance their development and provide a better lacrosse experience.  We want our players’ lacrosse experiences to be fun but also instructive.  The assessments are intended to guide the coaches in determining how best to structure the teams. These are not try-outs with cuts, but rather skill assessments only. All registered players will be placed on a team. There are no assessments for girls teams.

How do you Evaluate Players?
Players that exhibit the more advanced lacrosse skills, athleticism, and positive attitude will be selected to play on the more competitive team within the age group. The number of players that try out at specific positions also influences the decision.  Players that are selected to play at the highest level within their age group will have to reconfirm their commitment to make all the practices and games before they are placed on the team.

We conduct player assessments for the U11, U13, and U15 boys and/or girls teams during two Sundays in early November. Players are required to attend at least one session and it is recommended that they attend both sessions. The players are evaluated by a team of coaches during the assessment days.

What is the SF Riptide Policy on Playing Time?
We field different levels of teams for the boys and girls based on skill level. Boys and Girls A-level are the most competitive and consequently all players may not get equal game time.  Returning A players tend to get more playing time in games, but practices provide a great opportunity to sharpen skills for all A players, especially for younger players who still have another year at that age level. Boys and Girls B-level teams strive to provide equal game time relative to other players in their position over the course of the season. Please note game time is also impacted by player attitude and attendance at the coaches’ discretion.

How do I volunteer?
We rely heavily on parent volunteers to help us ensure that the Club runs smoothly. There are many volunteer opportunities at the board and team level.  Please see our Parent Volunteer tab and you will also be given an opportunity to lend your support of time during the online registration process.

How do I donate?
SFLC is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization and we encourage donations to support our scholarship program. You can donate online during the registration process or any time during the season by hitting the "Donate" button on our home page.

2016 Registration / 2017 Season - FAQs

How Do I Register?
During our open registration period, registration is completed entirely through our website. Please note you will need a US Lacrosse membership number before you register your child.  Please see the US Lacrosse Tab on the upper toolbar of our website and use the pull down for "Membership" to find the players existing number.  New players will be directed to the US Lacrosse site to sign up for a membership before they can complete the Riptide registration process.

What Are The Age Breakdowns for Spring 2017 Season?
US Lacrosse and the NCJLA have changed the age groups for the 2017 season and moving forward.  A player is placed on a team based on the year he or she was born, as follows:

U8: 9/1/2008 - 8/31/2010 Birth date

U10: 9/1/2006 - 8/31/2008 Birth date

U12: 9/1/2004 - 8/31/2006 Birth date

U14: 9/1/2002 - 8/31/2004 Birth date

When Can I Register My Child?
Our registration period opens October 1st and runs through October 23rd for returning players. Returning players are given priority and must register by October 23rd in order to ensure a place on a team or risk being placed on a wait list.  New players may register October 24th - November 30th. In the event that we reach capacity on any given team, players will be placed on a Wait List and you will be notified during the registration process.

Practices and Games?
Our season begins at the start of February and runs into late May.

Practices are conducted at Kimbell Field, Beach Chalet, and Polos Fields in Golden Gate Park and Marina Green for U8..  Practice schedules vary by team but generally adhere to the following:

•  U8: 1x week 

• U10: 2x week

• U12: 2x week

• U14: 2x week

Games begin in late February or early March. Most teams average 10-12 games a season with the potential for added participation in regional tournaments. Games are played on Saturdays or Sundays, and occasionally there will be two games played in a weekend. Our home field for games is the Raymond Kimbell Field in the Western Addition or the Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park.  Roughly half of our games are played at Home, with the balance of Away games played in the greater Bay Area with average travel distances of an hour.

How Many Teams Will Be Fielded for the upcoming Season?
Depending on registration, we will field 1-3 teams for both boys and girls for the following age groups:

U8 – U10 – U12 – U14

We also have a U7 Program which is for practices only

What Are The Registration Fees?
Registration fees for the 2016 Spring Season (2017 is still being confirmed)

U10/U12/U14:  $500 before 11/1/15 and $550 after

U8: $275 before 11/1/15 and $300 after

What Do My Registration Fees Cover?
Registration fees cover coaches’ stipends, field equipment, referee fees, coaches training, and league fees.

Who provides the Uniforms?
Players will be responsible for ordering their own uniforms during the registration process and players will be able to keep the uniform throughout the program as long as it fits and is in good condition.   The Uniform Package includes a reversible uniform, shorts/skirts and shooter shirt for the boys. 

What Is Your Refund Policy?
Our refund policy pertaining to registration fees is as follows:

If a player drops from a team prior to the first practice, the registration fee less a $25 administrative fee will be refunded within 2 weeks of written notification.

If a player drops from a team for any reason within the first 2 weeks of practice (Feb. 1 – 14), the registration fee less $100 will be refunded within 2 weeks of written notification

If a player drops from a team for any reason after February 14th, no refund is provided.

Why Do I Have To Be A Member of US Lacrosse?
All lacrosse players are required to be US Lacrosse members in order to participate in a club program. These fees, which cover an annual membership, provide insurance coverage for supervised practices and games. Your child must have a current US lacrosse number in order to register. There are links provided in the online registration process that direct you to become or renew your US Lacrosse membership. The website is

Are There Scholarships Available?
The Riptide believes that every child who is interested should have the opportunity to play lacrosse regardless of financial circumstances. We will make our best effort to offer financial assistance to players in need and have set aside funds for that purpose. Requests may be directed in confidence to the Club President or Club Registrar.

What Is The Player Contract?
All players must fully commit to the goals and high standards of the SF Riptide organization, including signing a Player Contract. Players must commit to attending all practices and games, putting their best effort forward, treating teammates, coaches, opponents and officials with respect, and exhibiting good sportsmanship. Our coaches will review this contract with their respective teams at the first practice and ask each player to acknowledge it by signing.