What is the best way to ask a question that is not answered by the information provided on the website?

If you don't know which contact to email, just send it to admin@sfriptide.com and we will attempt to respond within a reasonable timeframe.

What is the cost?

Registration fees vary based on age. Please see the Registration Page for more info

Are there any additional costs?

All San Francisco Riptide Lacrosse Players must be active members of US Lacrosse. This membership is not included in your registration fee. Equipment is the largest other cost. Boys equipment can range from $250 - $350, Girls from $75 to $100.

Why do I need a US Lacrosse membership?

US Lacrosse membership is a requirement to play because it offers insurance coverage that protects the program in the event of a serious injury to one of its players while playing in the program. See https://www.uslacrosse.org for more information.

What equipment is needed?

Boys require a lacrosse stick, helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, rib pads, gloves, mouthpiece and cleats (soccer or football). Girls require a lacrosse stick (girls’ version), mouthpiece, eye protection and cleats.

Is Lacrosse a contact sport?

Boys lacrosse is a contact sport. Girls lacrosse is not a contact sport.  6th grade and under boys focus on skill development and play with minimal physical contact. 7th grade and older play allows appropriate physical contact.

Do I have to reside in San Francisco to play for the club?

The club is open to players who reside in San Francisco, or attend school in San Francisco.

Does the club allow guest players?

We often hold a "bring a friend" day for one practice a year, at the coach's discretion, but you must be a registered player to participate in league games.

How is playing time handled?

For players placed on "A" teams, we strive to provide equivalent playing time over the course of the season, while for players on all other teams, we strive to provide equal playing time per game.


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