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USA Lacrosse Membership

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Why do I need a US Lacrosse Membership?

To sign up for our Spring season and other programs you will be required to become a member of USA Lacrosse which, among other benefits, provides insurance coverage for our programs.  Your membership must be valid through the end of the season for which you are signing up. USA Lacrosse memberships are valid for an entire calendar year and can be used for events nationwide. Please ensure that your child's USA Lacrosse membership is valid and current for each program for which your child is registered.

I am having trouble renewing or creating my US Lacrosse Number

You may need to contact USA Lacrosse for specific help, but one common error is that parents list their own birthdate in place of a child’s birthdate.  Make sure your birthdate is correct. Also, make sure on our website that parents are listed as “Guardians” or “Parents” rather than “Participants” or “Players”



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